We ignite brands and spark the minds of healthcare providers by educating and inspiring them to prescribe your brand.

  • Inform

      Marketing Services that improve awareness.

      While in growth mode, you are looking for ways to compete in markets where other entities may have greater reach and...


    • Persuade

        Education that persuades healthcare providers.

        The best teachers are those that use facts to expand knowledge and inspire others. That’s why we use a combination of your brand...

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      • Transform

          Interactions that transform patient outcomes.

          It would be nice if every physician was as excited and invested in your brand as you are. We help you disc...

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        We know you need to have healthcare providers choose your brand. That‘s why we use our expertise to develop messaging that resonates with healthcare providers and then surround them with innovative, multi-channel marketing and educational materials that delivers your brand’s value as a unified message.

        Targeted, metric-based marketing materials that inform, persuade, and transform thinking

        Engagement through peer-to-peer interactions to establish healthcare providers as brand champions

        Leverage the latest technological platforms and customize them to meet your unique product needs

        Educational content that helps healthcare providers deliver the best possible patient care

        WHO WE ARE

        Wouldn’t it be great to have an experienced marketing and education team that understands what you need and delivers it in a timely manner? Meet the team that understands your goals and will promote your brand as if it’s their own.

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        Director, Medical Communications
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        Associate Project Coordinator


        We have big plans for your brand.

        Leveraging the power of evolving technological platforms and clear, credible clinical information, Group 31 Communications provides innovative, cost-effective programs designed to improve brand adoption, healthcare provider knowledge, and patient outcomes.

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        Marketing Services that improve awareness.


        Education that persuades healthcare providers.


        Interactions that transform patient outcomes.
        Marketing Services
        • Messaging
        • Strategic development
        • Tactical execution
        • Sales collateral
        • Non-personal promotion
        • Media planning and execution
        • Packaging and sampling design
        Digital Media
        • Website/Portal/Online Community Development and Hosting
        • Interactive USB/CD-ROM
        • SmartPhone Apps
        • iPad e-details
        • SEM/SEO
        • eMail campaigns
        Analytics & Reporting
        • Dashboards
        • Promotional trends
        • Program measurement


        Targeted Marketing Materials


        Educational Content


        Engagement Through Peer-to-Peer Interactions

        Leveraging Technology